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Invisible carpet repair?

Can you make the repair invisible? YES! At Carpet Repair London we use the most appropriate
techniques to produce the best results.   As you can see from the pictures on our home page
this means an invisible repair.  The rare circumstances where a repair may be visible are when
the carpet is very bright in colour and has been down for several years.  The chances are that
the donor piece of carpet will appear brighter.  This of course amends over time as the donor
carpet naturally gets slightly darker. However, in these rare cases we can minimise this effect,
e.g. by re-tufting or weaving but these techniques are time consuming and expensive and do
not achieve the impossible.  In these exceptional circumstances by far the best thing to do is to
have the carpet cleaned.  This will result in a better repair, this is only necessary in the rare
cases as described above.  If in doubt just send us a picture.  We can also use dye pens,
however, this method is only suitable for discolouration, as opposed to stains. We will always
advise you as to the result you will get and in the vast majority of cases this will be an invisible
repair.  We are very experienced and specialise only in carpet repair.  
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