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Copyright © Carpet Repair London
Copyright © Carpet Repair London
Carpet Repair London is a family business. My
name is Duncan, after serving my apprenticeship,
I started C.R.L, now the oldest carpet repair
company in London.

We pride ourselves on giving the highest
standards of repair. All of our work is
guaranteed. Don't make the mistake of re-
carpeting when  we can repair at a fraction of the
cost. Call us and we will tell you what results are
possible. See our
Will it be invisible? page.    

A number of our calls are from clients who have
used us before, such as letting agents. We also
get calls from clients who have had a word of
mouth recommendation.

We offer our satisfaction guarantee:  
we will only
charge if you are absolutely satisfied.
That way
you can relax, knowing you  will get a good job.
We are also happy with this arrangement, as we
know we can provide you with the standard of
workmanship, you  have the right to expect from
a professional tradesman.
Copyright © Carpet Repair London
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