• Hapy to give this recommendation on your web site.  Can't see the
    repair and saved a fortune not having to replace the entire carpet.                                          

  • Much appreciate you coming out on a Sunday, first rate.                 

  • Thanks for a great job, can't see any sign of the cigarette burn.      

  • Carpet looked awful after cleaning owing to shrinkage,
    thought  I might have to replace it, thanks for re-stretching so effectively.    

    Many more on request
James, London
Terence, London
Helen, London
Tracy, London
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Richard ‎Gray Fulham, London.

I used  Carpet Repairs  London twice.  On packing up to move out of a rental  property I
discovered that one of my large floor plants had been leaked and the carpet underneath
had been eaten away by moths. The affected area was roughly circular about 6 inches in
diameter in a very visible area, there were also a few tufts missing nearby where the
moths had presumably eaten through and flown off. After much frenzied research I
discovered Carpet Repairs London and described my problem to Duncan. He arranged to
come and sort it out within the week. The repair job was done quickly and professionally
and the price was in line with the quote I received. I was very relieved upon inspect the
repair to find that it was almost invisible – and certainly would not cause undue concern
upon a final inventory. Unbelievably, about week later (4 days before I was due to move
out) my dog tried to dig out of the flat under the front door, shredding the carpet all the
way across the doorway. The damage was considerably more extensive than the moths
and I didn't think that repair would be possible. Despite my doubts Duncan was able to
repair this too. Again the repair was immaculate and carried out at very short notice. I
would highly recommend Duncans work and I suspect he saved me several thousand
pounds and a great deal of stress.

Rose ‎O'Neill Camden Town, London
Rose W12. I am very happy to write this recommendation. Came out at the weekend the
day before my daughter's birthday party. Life saver. Burned the carpet with an iron
thought it would be hopeless excellent job thank you.

Elliot ‎Green, London

Excellent, friendly service from Duncan. Turned up on time at our office and within an hour
the carpet looked back to new. Highly recommended and reasonable.
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